Katie Pengra is a straight lesbian with multi-ethnic white parents who give her an endless stream of family-friendly, blue comedic inspiration. Born with gils, and an affliction that keeps her from understanding what ‘hands’ are, Pengra will have you laughing with AND at her. Having suffered a dramatic/traumatic past,  her strength through story is hilariously heartwarming because she is REALLY TRYING to appeal to your comedic sensibilities. (Oh, she’s got big boobs but doesn’t look very good naked, so she’s barely worth listening to.)

Pengra can be found hosting her weekly show – Buzzkill Comedy, producing and starring in her web series, Pretty Awful, and at comedy festivals including Fun Fun Fun Fest, Hell Yes Fest, Out of Bounds, the Ladies are Funny Fest, and the Moontower Comedy Festival.

Contact her at katiepengra@gmail.com, unless it’s to send a rejection letter, then she politely declines.